Recent Updates

Note: This only applies to the premium version of the game (Steam, iOS, Android). See the Kongregate forums for the free-to-play version's update history.

Updates usually go out to Steam, then Android, then iOS. You can see your app's version number in the Settings dialog.

  • 3.11 (July 2017)
    • Click on your rival's portrait and tap "Mute" to mute all enemy chat messages.
    • Slowed down animation during pre-final-round display of all city cards.
    • New "Main Menu" page in rulebook to explain alliances, missions, monthly tournament, various game types and aspects of multiplayer.
    • Added a button to access the online monthly leaders page
    • Showing how many card packs are left to unlock all content.
  • 3.10
    • Fixed error-handling for Alliance-related actions.
  • 3.9
    • Fixed not being able to register on Steam in some resolutions/aspect ratios.
  • 3.8
    • 30% higher coin rewards for all game types
    • Coin rewards even when losing for Normal Computer, Friend, and Challenge games
    • Better messaging for what level of coin reward was earned post-game
    • MOBILE Bugfix - dialogs sometimes appeared off screen
    • Bugfix - First 8 cards drafted were always the same in some situations
    • Made some card text more clear (Grand Causeway, Colosseum, Trade Capital)
  • 3.7
    • Bugfix - could not quit the tutorial early
  • 3.6
    • Support for playing offline. You no longer have to create an account if you just want to play single-player and save your progress on-device. You only need an account if you want to play multiplayer games and access social features.
    • If you lose internet connection, you can now switch to offline saving until you get reconnected. No more "Saving..." errors.
    • Intro missions can also be skipped now (use the "X" button in the corner), up to one per 24 hours.
    • MOBILE - Support for rotating the screen to any landscape view (left or right).