Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale


Cast spells. Build traps. Fight hundreds of players in this 2D fantasy battle royale.

Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale is a 2D fantasy battle royale game where you battle against a hundred players by casting spells, summoning monsters, building castle walls, traps and rubber duckies. Be the last mage standing to win.

  • Choose from a variety of characters with unique attacks

  • Explore the map to gather abilities, resources, and potions

  • Build turrets, traps and monsters to defeat your opponents

  • Survive the longest while avoiding the poisonous fog to win

  • Fast-paced 5 minute rounds so you can take that bathroom break

  • Unlock and upgrade characters and abilities by earning keys and opening chests


Who will you be?

Piro the Wizard, part-time pyromaniac, shoots fireballs and has relatively low health. Piro loves long walks on freshly cooled lava beaches and is also quite fond of gardening.

Boris the Warrior is valiant and vigorous. His axe swing is powerful but short range so he has the most health. When not rigorously training in the art of axe wielding, Boris likes to bake and knit.

Kadira the Archer is swift and sharp. Her bow has the longest range but she has relatively low health. She likes nothing more than to spend time caring for her pet elementals: Wally, Fifi and Igor.

Azai the Rogue is dashing and sneaky. His attack dashes and skewers the enemies he has a medium amount of health. When not being roguish you can find Azai at home, reading by the fire with a nice cup of tea.


More modes coming soon

In addition to the solo battle royale mode, expect to see duos and quads as well as other fun game modes to mix things up. Some of the game modes we have been working on:

  • Hold the Gold Mode where you must collect and hold 50 gold to win the round

  • Team versus Team Mode where you defend your team's castle and must attack the opposing team's castle to win

Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale is live on the Web now at with more platforms to come later.

Arx Arcana Press Kit and Assets for content creators