Age of Rivals Public Beta

Hey there! The Age of Rivals Blog has moved to!

We are happy to announce that our 2 player strategy game, Age of Rivals, is starting an open beta-testing phase! You can play it here!

What is Age of Rivals?
It's a 2 player strategy game set in ancient times about the rivalry between two rulers. Each player simultaneously drafts cards to form their city and attempt to score the most points, while also participating in occasional combat and using plenty of fun card effects to turn the tide of the game.

Each player drafts 16 cards simultaneously while trying to balance economy, military, culture and defense. The goal is outwit your oppponent and counter their strategy with a better one of your own. Each card has a special effect and unique stats which leads to lots of gameplay variety and unpredictability.

  • 15 minutes per game
  • 2 player synchronous multiplayer or solo vs. computer
  • 200 cards at launch, with more to come
  • Card Drafting, Deck Building
  • Civilization-themed

We're about 6 months into the development of this game, and we're excited to get some feedback and keep making it better. Stay tuned for more updates!