The Conflict of Faith Update

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A soldier’s death sets in motion events which may lead to the end of an age…

Age of Rivals’ next content update is here, featuring 18 new cards, new story/challenge levels, and several gameplay improvements.  Read on for details.

The Conflict of Faith Campaign

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The second campaign includes 6 new story/challenge levels vs. custom decks for Ziana, Theophilos and Nairi.  Beating these levels will unlock 3 of the new cards.  

New Cards

The remaining 15 new cards can be obtained by spending coins.  All 18 new cards:

Layer 4.png
  • Barduk’s Bonewall - You bring the bodies and Barduk will build you the wall.
  • Royal Academy - See the Moneylender for a student loan.
  • Standard Bearer - Don’t mess with the mascot.
  • Martyr - Sometimes death is only the beginning.
Layer 3.png
  • Martial Law - Culture smulture...just attack!
  • Acid Spitters - The sworn enemies of The Undying.
  • Exotic Trinkets - Shells, beads, and the occasional dragon egg.
  • Princess of Thieves - Her leadership will bring the underworld out of the shadows.
Layer 2.png
  • The Sentinels - No shenanigans on their watch.
  • Eternal Gardens - A whole grove of giving trees.
  • Faithless Bannermen - Your earliest allies are not always your most reliable allies.
  • Exotic Expedition - Riches beyond compare...if they ever make it back.
Layer 1.png
  • Smoke and Mirrors - It’s not a’s an illusion!
  • Monolith - A mysterious construction for anyone confused by the damage splitting rules.
  • Stone Table - Broken - When the table cracks, death itself begins working backwards.
  • Scavengers - Waste not, want not.
Layer 0.png
  • Sacred Relic - An artifact that should never have been uncovered.
  • Open Borders - Keep the big door open...everyone will come around.

Card Rebalancing

  • Graverobber Baron can now only steal a maximum of 2 coins per turn instead of 2 coins per Ruins drawn
  • Sun’s Sisters now gives bonus culture based on ruined card’s attack, and cost increased by 1
  • War Drums ability reprogrammed to work more reliably
  • Myrmidons cost reduced by 1
  • Conquistadors attack increased by 1
  • Assacani attack reduced by 1

Gameplay Changes

  • Both players are guaranteed to draw at least one Economic card during every draft in Round 1
  • Guaranteed cards will no longer ever show up in the very first draft
  • Early phase guaranteed cards may now draw during any draft in Round 1 (instead of just the first 2 drafts)

This update also includes several bug fixes.  I hope you enjoy the new content!

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