What's New in Arx Arcana: Characters, Abilities, Modes and Rewards

Arx Arcana has been getting weekly content updates since the initial releae.

New Characters

To the original 4 characters, we've added 4 new characters with very different attacks.

ELSIE the Ice Princess of the Snowy Realm is exasperated by the effects of climate change on her frosty magic. She lobs frozen icy projectiles over obstacles and slows down enemies.

URSA the Shaman heals creatures and friends while hurting enemies. Ursa does more damage up close by waking enemies with her staff.

From beyond the sea comes PEREGRINE the Falconer. He wanders the lands and never stays in one place for long, always hunting new enemies with his pet Falcon, Perry.

You see him. Now you don't. This is HANZO the Ninja, furtive and unseeable. He throws 3 shurikens and goes invisible while dashing. Beware as he likes dangerous games of hide and seek and is quite good at them.

New Abilities

We have also added new abilities like the Wraith, Disguise and the Healing Totem.

The WRAITH is a deadly creature. It floats over walls and obstacles chasing down your enemies and stealing their life.

DISGUISE allows you to transform into a moveable statue for 25 seconds. If you attack or get hit, your disguise goes away.

Need a little pick me up during combat? Bring in this HEALING TOTEM with you and benefit from healing while you remain close by. The totem will heal you, your teammate and any summoned creature.

We’ve also added new maps.

New Maps

Explore the meandering paths and the many buildings in these Elaborate Gardens in matches with more than 10 players. Find all the rare and legendary crates without succumbing to the noxious fog.

Walk among the bushes and find the best hiding spots in these peaceful gardens until the noxious fog dislodges you in matches with less than 10 players. Explore the castle and find all the hidden legendary chests.

New Modes and Rewards

And we’ve added a DUO ROYALE MODE where you can team up with a friend and play against other teams of 2 players. You can invite friends with a team code or you will be paired with another player at the start of the match.

For the competitive players we now have SEASONS AND RANKINGS REWARDS. At the end of a 2 week season, characters who have medals higher than 800 lose half of their medals above 800 and rewards are awarded based on your leaderboard ranking.

We’ve have a lot more exciting things planned like more modes, more characters and abilities and maps but also character skins, and new map biomes.