Age of Rivals Launching on Kongregate soon

Hey there! The Age of Rivals Blog has moved to!

Age of Rivals, our 2-player competitive civilization-building card game, will be coming out of beta and launching on Kongregate in early November. In preparation for the launch, we have just released a major new update. Check out and play the latest update here!

Age of Rivals' new Main Menu screen

Age of Rivals' new Main Menu screen

We added many exciting things to the game including new Rival Leaders which let you bring in up to 3 specific cards with you, card packs as a way to unlock new cards and leaders, emotes so you can share how you feel with your opponent and more! (See the game page for more details.) We feel the new changes add a lot to the game and we hope you will agree.

Rival Leaders allow you to bring up to 3 cards with you ( art is not final )

Rival Leaders allow you to bring up to 3 cards with you (art is not final)

When we switch the game to Kongregate, we will be ending our beta period and removing our beta page from this site. We want to thank you, our existing players, for all your invaluable feedback and we will be giving you a gift for having participated in our beta testing.

How to get your beta player exclusive gift:

  1. Log in to (or create) a Kongregate account to play the game (your existing Age of Rivals beta account will no longer work).
  2. Write in to and give us both your old username and your Kongregate ID and we will grant you a gift in the form of card packs in the Kongregate version of the game.

Until the launch in early November, this page is still the way to play Age of Rivals. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook (@ageofrivals) or join our newsletter to be notified of changes.

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