Last Mage Standing

Cast spells. Build traps. Fight hundreds of players in this 2D fantasy action role playing game.

Last Mage Standing is a 2D fantasy game where you join up with your friends and battle against a hundred players by casting spells, summoning monsters, building castle walls and traps.

  • Choose from a variety of characters with unique attacks

  • Explore the map to gather abilities, resources, and potions

  • Build turrets, traps and monsters to defeat your opponents

  • Fast-paced rounds so you can take that bathroom break

  • Unlock and upgrade characters and abilities by earning keys and opening chests


Boris the Warrior

Valiant & Vigorous. When not rigorously training in the art of axe wielding, Boris likes to bake and knit.

With different modes to appeal to all players:

  • Battle Royale - be the last mage standing to win - solo, duo and quad

  • Dungeon Crawl - team up with your friends, kill enemies and collect loot

  • Castle Siege - work with your friends to defend against hordes of monsters

  • Hold the Gold - chase players around the map trying to collect the most gold


Kadira the Archer

Swift & Sharp. Kadira likes nothing more than care for her pet elementals: Wally, Fifi & Igor.

Last Mage Standing is in early development. It will be released on the Web, PC, Android & iOS in 2020 with more platforms to follow.