Our Mission

Our mission is to make games that you can play with your friends and family anytime and anywhere. We want your relationships with friends and family to be stronger as a result. You play video games, and you have lots of friends who play video games. It’s likely that you don’t play video games with them as much as you’d want to. That’s because there are many things that stop you. Some of those things might be:

  • Wrong platform: The game you want to play with your friends only runs on one platform, and it’s a platform you don’t have. 

  • Wrong theme or mechanic: It might be that your friend is really into obscure horror games. You might wish that your friend would play your bullet hell shooter with you, but obscure themes and obscure mechanics can often be a barrier.

  • Takes too much (or too little) time: You might have more time to play than your friend or vice versa leading to one of you being much further along in the game.

  • Too much (or too little) skill: In some multiplayer PvP games where you might be far superior to your friends, you often end up with a consistent result: you always wins, and it isn’t fun.

These are just some examples. You’re probably thinking: “You forgot about  this other problem that stops me from playing with my friends!” Don’t worry, we have a much longer list. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Our mission is to solve as best we can for all of the problems stopping you from playing with your friends. We are building synchronous multiplayer action games that are designed to be super fun and will run on all the major platforms. We’re making sure our games let you enjoy a little or a lot at once while building into big experiences. We’ll make sure that even if your friend is the best player on the planet, and you are a total beginner that you can still both have a good time together. 

We don’t have all the answers yet, but we’ve got some cool stuff cooking behind the curtains and we believe that games can be a lot better at letting people play together anytime and anywhere than they are today.