Who We Are

Curt Bererton, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO


Curt is founder and Chief Executive Bubble Catcher of Roboto Games. He has made robots (of both the repairable and dangerous kinds) while earning his Ph.D. in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon. He has also worked on machine learning and AI software, as well as founded a couple of game companies. In 2007, he founded ZipZapPlay, grew it to a profitable 18 person company and sold it to PopCap/Electronic Arts in 2011. After receiving many paper cuts while making video games over the years he has learned a few tricks such as avoiding the sharp edge of paper when possible. When not making games he is playing games and thinking about city destroying robots and super AIs.

Mathilde Pignol, Co-Founder & CCO


Mathilde is founder and Chief Creative Officer of Roboto Games. In 2007 she founded ZipZapPlay, a free-to-play games studio, maker of Baking Life, a top 25 Facebook social game. In 2011, PopCap Games acquired ZipZapPlay right before being acquired by Electronic Arts themselves. Mathilde ran the creative side of PopCap San Francisco until 2013 and headed the design of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures (Facebook). Prior to games, Mathilde designed a variety of user experiences at frog design and eBay. She holds a Masters in Human Computer Interaction and Design from Carnegie Mellon. She still plays Tetris on the original Game Boy and has an inordinate love of stinky cheeses (probably because she is French).


Vijay Myneni (Dark Inertia Studios)

Vijay designed and developed Age of Rivals, a strategy card game, originally published by Roboto Games. He still swings by the Roboto office every week or so for invaluable feedback and pep talks from Curt and Mathilde. Follow Age of Rivals and his other projects at www.darkinertia.com.